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Reiki Healing Testimonials

“Brandi’s energy holds such a warm and safe space with her work and allows you to surrender to your higher self and release all tension. As an empath or someone energy sensitive she sweeped away all of the muddy, low vibrational entities, and spaces of trauma i was holding for others. She brought me back to my layer of personal being, to myself. I felt clarity and motivation to shift the focus back to my personal wellbeing that i was neglecting after holding onto past traumas of others i once loved and most importantly back to myself. Brandi radiates vitality and light throughout your session and after will leave you feeling refreshed and calm towards charging on your path to success and enlightenment..” 

-Michael L.


Brandi's healing and energy work gave my husband such peace and calm before he passed. She volunteered to come and be there to help him and make him more comfortable. He always said she was a blessing and he was truly in better spirits as was I after her sessions. I am eternally grateful for her kindness, compassion and using her gifts for the good. Thank You Brandi.

- Carol R.


Massage Therapy Testimonials


I have enjoyed the benefits of massage for years. Finding Brandi has been a gift from the heavens. Her massages give the perfect balance of depth, strength, and gentleness. Atmosphere of massage and other services present in a calming and lovely setting!

-Virginia Y.



Brandi Nichole Madarish is a gifted massage therapist.  She loves her work and has a genuine concern for her patients.  Her heart is as kind and warm as her hands are strong.  You can receive a soft, soothing massage from Brandi, but she is more than capable of giving you the deep tissue work that you will feel the next day.  In other words, once her hands touch your body, you know that you are literally in the hands of someone who knows what she is doing and has the strength to back it up. 

   I’ve had massages in New York City, Palm Beach, Hawaii, Dallas and other places, near and far.  I’ve had none better than Brandi.  She gets my highest recommendation.  If you have any questions, you can reach me at Bob @

 -Bob Beverley, Psychotherapist


I've had the pleasure of experiencing several massages at Brandi Nichole's Massage Therapy.   The moment you enter the massage room you are presented with a very relaxing atmosphere and the service is always exceptional.   Each massage was incredible.  I always leave there feeling completely relaxed yet rejuvenated.  Any muscle soreness or tenderness I had when I arrived was alleviated.  I highly recommend any massage; especially the hot stone massage; it's absolutely amazing. 

 -Gina C.

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me in getting better. You are a very caring person who carefully listens to her patients. I can't thank you enough for all the times you came to the house to help me. Congratulations on your new addition. I always knew you would do well. I always told you to go with your heart. Obviously you have a very big one. I will always recommend you to family and friends. If more people were like you it would be a better world!!!

 -Michael W

Just a note to tell you how happy I am with your services! I have tried several different massage therapists but did not find THE ONE. I'm happy to say that I'll be your client as long as you are working. Looking forward to my next appointment!

 -Irene M

    My name is John Nolan, I am a NYC Ironworker. I met Brandi about 5 years ago at a job she worked before going out on her own, I found her to be the most pleasant and talented massage therapist (as well as person) I have had the pleasure of doing business with. I have never left her! I have in fact had her take on my mother and girlfriend as clients. Brandi is thoughtful, thorough, professional, and most qualified. I came to Brandi with three herniated disks in my lower back and because of her I can still work and do what I love most.. ride my bike! Thank you Brandi, for all of your help through the years.

-John N


   I won't go to anyone but Brandi for my therapy.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Lucky for us, she operates right out of Wappingers, and always makes time for appointments despite her busy schedule. I recommend her to anyone in need of therapy or relaxation.  

- Rob, Pleasant Valley


   Wonderful, miraculous, amazing—there aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe how great I feel after a massage with Brandi Madarish.  I am forever thankful to Dr. Solomon for helping me discover Brandi.  She listens to my requests and matches her routine to my needs exactly.  Sometimes it’s a little more neck and shoulders, sometimes it’s sinuses, sometimes feet, whatever I ask for, Brandi tunes right in.  I can count on a great experience every time.  The other thing I love about Brandi is she continues to upgrade her craft by taking continuing education and consulting with other LMT’s.

   Add a massage by Brandi to your bucket list—and buy a gift certificate for everyone you love—they will love you for it!

Thanks for everything!



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